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Canellas Math Tutoring

Reach your full potential with individualized one-on-one math tutoring
Math tutoring in Manor, Austin, Elgin, Hutto, and more!

Individualized Approach

I provide all of my clients with a unique strategy that is specific to each individual student. All of my students will receive support that is tailored to meet their needs and goals.

The school system is designed to teach a large group of students the same topic at the same time. For many students, especially in math, a more differentiated and individualized approach is necessary for success. 

In Person or Online

All of my tutoring sessions are one-on-one. This  ensures that I can provide all of my students with the highest quality math tutoring. Whether you choose in person or online, you can be assured that the entire tutoring session will be focused on helping your child be successful in math.


All of my 8+ years of teaching has been assisting students with learning disabilities, language barriers, and more. It is this experience, as well as my Master's in Education, that has taught me how to effectively work with students who are struggling with math, and help them reach their goals of high achievement.  

Services Offered

I offer tutoring for the following subjects:

5th through 8th grade math

STAAR Test Prep


Algebra 1


Algebra II

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Call or Text



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