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Online Tutoring


This option is on Zoom, and it is the most convenient option for my clients. I can assist with homework, improving skills, or enhancing understanding.

Free Initial Consultation

I provide all my clients with a free initial consultation to discuss goals, expectations, and planning.  Initial consultations can be on Zoom or on the phone scheduled at your convenience.

In Person Tutoring 

$75/hr to $90/hr

depending on location

Online tutoring is not for everyone, and that is ok! These sessions would need to be either at a public location, like a library or coffee shop, or I can meet at your home, but an adult needs to be present in the home for 100% of the session, for your peace of mind and mine.


Receive a FREE one hour session for every successful referral (i.e. the referred student completes at least one session)

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Call or Text



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